Monday, September 11, 2006

The Readers' Handbook unveiled!

Attention all Lone Wolf fans: The Readers' Handbook is finally here!

After much work, editing, and behind-the -scenes deliberation, Project Aon is proud to announce the official release of the Readers' Handbook. This area of the site is devoted to the many and varied rules for Lone Wolf, Grey Star, and Freeway Warrior.

Designed to replace the now-defunct Rules Handbook, the Readers' Handbook is divided up into sections, each of which explains the rules for one particular series: Kai, Magnakai, Grand Master, New Order, Grey Star, Freeway Warrior. These annotated rules sections are designed to help newer fans, as well as old hands, understand the rules more clearly.

Also of interest is the extensive Topical Guide, an interlinked A-Z listing that helps explain special rules for each particular item or skill, how they apply to the game, and how they affect other rules. This Topical Guide should make the rules clearer to all Lone Wolf fans new and old alike. Be aware that the Topical Guide may contain mild spoilers for the later books, so be sure to read only those headings
that you intend to.

Enter the Readers' Handbook through the following portal, which is also linked from the Books page of our site:

We have a little more work planned for the Readers' Handbook, such as adding the complete New Order rules set, and expanding the Freeway Warrior sections. However, these are quite a low priority right now, so release of the Readers' Handbook has been brought forward to free up resources for other projects.

We hope the Readers' Handbook will help to answer the many questions about the Lone Wolf game that are regularly posed without fans having to wait for us to reply.

For Sommerlund and the Kai! (And for annotated rules instructions, too!)

Simon Osborne
Project Aon

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Both Volumes of Combat Heroes 2 Published

We promised there would be more good things to come, and here they are!

In time for the twentieth anniversary of their original publication date, Project Aon presents two more PDF releases—Combat Heroes 2: Emerald Enchanter and Scarlet Sorcerer. These books by Joe Dever each contain a solo game and a two-player game. Both books are required for the two-player game.

You are the star pupil of the mighty wizard Silvarion. You helped your master steal the evil Deathlord’s most treasured possession—his Power Crystal. Unluckily, the theft was discovered almost immediately and your master murdered by Deathlord assassins. So where is the Power Crystal now? Can you unravel the cryptic clues left by your wizard master and reach the precious stone before the cruel Deathlord?

Dual adventure
You need: Scarlet Sorcerer, Emerald Enchanter, and a friend!

High above the grasslands and plains of Thorasia, you desperately battle against your arch-rival, for he too seeks the Power Crystal. Skilfully manoeuvring your magical skyship, you strive to shoot him down. But the he is a wily assailant and you’ll need every ounce of your strength to defeat him.

Finding the Power Crystal will not be easy; nor will combating your arch-rival in the skies above Thorasia. Only your own skills and quick wits can lead to your success.

For Sommerlund and the Kai! (And for Thorasian flying machines, too!)

Simon Osborne
Project Aon

Friday, June 09, 2006

Are you prepared to face the Deathlord?

You are Lone Wolf - Kai Grand Master of Sommerlund. Far away to the west lies the peninsula of Ixia. It is an icy, desolate wasteland that for 10,000 years has been the domain of Lord Ixiataaga - Masterlord of the Dead. Here he reigns supreme over a horde of lost souls, an undead populace who are condemned to an eternity in his service.

In The Deathlord of Ixia, you must journey to the forbidden city of Xaagon - the seat of Lord Ixiataaga's dark power - and confront him in a life-or-death battle which will test your Grand Master abilities to the limit. Will you overcome and defeat this terrifying entity? Or will you fall victim to his undead legions and the terrible new power they wield?

This adventure will be difficult. May Ishir and Kai watch over your quest and grant you the best of luck. You'll need it.

Thank you for your patience over the past year. More good things to come.

For Sommerlund and the Kai!

Jonathan Blake
Project Aon

Friday, March 31, 2006

Proyecto Aon Español

Well, it's been a while since our last announcement. I hope the delay only serves to sweeten the pleasure of this announcement. Last week marked the public inception of Proyecto Aon Español: the Spanish-language counterpart to what we have been doing so far for all you English-speaking fans. They even have the first Spanish Project Aon edition of a book available:

I hope this Fehmarn season (speaking from the standpoint of Northern Magnamund, of course) finds you happy, healthy, and firm in the hope of good things to come.

¡Por Sommerlund y el Kai!

Jonathan Blake
Project Aon