Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Voyage of the Moonstone - Illustrated

You remember how we published Voyage of the Moonstone last month? You
may have noticed that it didn't have all of the typical illustrations.
Long story short, now it does:

The long story is that Trevor Newton illustrated Voyage of the
. He proved devilishly difficult to track down for our dogged
volunteers who had been able to find virtually all of the authors and
illustrators involved with the publication of Lone Wolf, except for
Mr. Newton. We searched in vain for years.

Ironically enough, we located Mr. Newton shortly after we gave up and
published Voyage of the Moonstone without his illustrations. Sadly, it
wasn't all good news.

Trevor Newton passed away in 2002, as his widow informed us. We
offered our condolences, and she graciously gave her consent that his
illustrations should be part of Project Aon.

For that generosity, Mrs. Newton, you have our heartfelt gratitude.

Jonathan Blake
Project Aon