Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Combat Heroes 1 Published

Beware the Black Baron!

To celebrate the twenty-first anniversary of their original publication date, Project Aon presents two more PDF releases--Combat Heroes 1: Black Baron and White Warlord. These books by Joe Dever each contain a solo game and a two-player game. Both books are required for the two-player game.

Solo adventure

You are imprisoned in the castle dungeons of your arch-enemy. You must use all your cunning to survive. Beware his deadly tricks, solve his mind-boggling riddles, seek out his treasures. You may yet live to avenge your honour!

Dual adventure
You need: Black Baron, White Warlord, and a friend!

Your feud is legendary. Now the Maze-master of Xenda has challenged you both to fight it out in his combat maze. Sudden death lurks in every shadowy corner of the underground tunnels and you never know when you may come face to face with your opponent. Sharpen your senses and tighten your bow: you must outwit, out-shoot, and out-fight your enemy once and for all. Remember, every successful bout can help you achieve the highest warrior rank of Combat Hero.



Escaping from your opponent's deadly dungeon will not be easy, nor will fighting him in the Maze of Xenda. Only your own skills and quick wits can lead to your success.

For Sommerlund and the Kai! (And for the Maze of Xenda too!)

Simon Osborne
Project Aon

Friday, January 19, 2007

Gary Chalk's New Lone Wolf Illustrations


We have a bit of special news. Gary Chalk forwarded some great new Lone Wolf artwork that he has created for the Lone Wolf RPG project at Le Grimoire. They have a new 300 page book illustrated by Mr. Chalk, due out next month, in French.

http://www.legrimoire.net/lone-wolf-loup-solitaire-RPG.htm (English)
http://www.legrimoire.net/lone-wolf-loup-solitaire.htm (French)

You can view the samples here:


Here's hoping you did well in votre classe fran├žaise. (I hope that's really how you say it...)

For Sommerlund and the Kai!

Jonathan Blake
Project Aon